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Ari Rusila’s BalkanBlog, created by a Finnish freelancer and project management expert Ari Rusila,covers issues of conflicts, crisis management and geopolicy and regionally the Balkans (esp. Serbia), the Black Sea region and MENA (the greater Middle East and North Africa and esp. Israel) regions. Themes of Ari Rusila includes some his minicourses for e-learning purpose. This site is still partly under construction as well my secondary blog with minimalist outlook Conflicts by Ari Rusila. There is a Finnish version of main blog with a bit different content: 

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In addition a new background portal about Israel – Ariel was launched on February 2015.



By mail: Polttolinja 17 B 10, FIN-40520 Jyväskylä

By phone: +358 (0) 406837654

By e-mail: rusilaari@yahoo.se



02-06/2009 Blogger, European Journalist Centre: Blogging in EJC’s TH!NK ABOUT IT -campaign, workshops in Brussells and Rotterdam.

07/2004-07/2007, Project manager, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences: international (FIN, SCO, NOR, SWE) NorWat-project, general project management (progress and financial responsibility), budget m1,2 €, financed by Interreg III Norther Periphery Program


01/2000-10/2002,EU municipal Expert, European Agency for Reconstruction in Mitrovica region, Kosovo, Serbia: Capacity building of local administration, project management/coordination, business registration; youth, culture and sport sectors; procurement, LCO. Team leader of municipal strategy process (RSDA)


06/1998-12/1999, Project co-ordinator, Municipality of Salla (FIN) and City of Kovdor (RUS): Forestry project with TACIS-funding in Kovdor, Murmansk region, Russia. Progress and economical responsibility.

-05/1998, Development officer, Municipality of Salla (FIN): development and business services, Barents cooperation, strategies and actionplans.


Master of Arts, University of Jyväskylä, FIN (social science and philosophy)

Matriculation exam, Jyväskylä lyseé, FIN

A-trainer (+previous B ja C-exams), SVUL (Finnish Sport Association)

∞≈ advanced training +100 courses in 14 different countries; topics development and project management

Qualifications & Skills

Experience about Project Cycle management at all it’s levels

Experience about Participatory Planning Methods and “Time manager” practice

Experience of Logical Framework Approach at programme and project levels, at regional and local strategies.

Lapland trained me all aspects of projects from ideas and strategies through action plans to implementation of individual projects

Russia trained me to find practical solutions between chaotic field work and western regulations.

My work in Kosovo and follow-up activities gave me clear picture of problems in Balkans and challenges in societies in transition

I have learned to work as a member of multicultural team as well also individually

Languages: English good, german and swedish fair, alphabets of Russia. Finnish native language.


Left Alliance (FIN) and its WG of international affairs


Peace and Collaborative Development network

Anna Lindh Foundation National network


TH!NK (1) -community

G.N.S. Press Ass. Inc. & European News Agency

My Motto(s)

  • Blue visions – real implementation (project management)
  • The other Side of the Story (journalism)

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