Ariel - Israelista suomeksi


A) Suomeksi

intifada3kylmän rauhan ratkaisu lähi-itäänMMM2015kaavio8kaavio0kaavio1kaavio2kaavio3kaavio4kaavio5

B) In English

Tunnel war infograph by Ari RusilaIsrael missile defence By Ari Rusila figurewww-Israel-2015RacakWWWkaavio9RUSISRkaavio10kaavio7www.GIFCreator.me_euPboXIsraeli-Palestinian conflict roadmaps to peacequality peace by Ari Rusila3-stateIsraeli-Palestinian conflict, one.state solutionMEstatesISRPALsinai option by Ari RusilaISRvsPALJewish museumbJewsUKRRUSISRHaavaraFFcoexist5 Tips For Sorting Through the News &B

Gaza Import/Export, August 2015 Gaza Import/Export, August 2015

ParametIsrael-Palestine roadmap to peaceCold-Peace-Solution by Ari RusilaTurkishStreamimage001Blogospherewebpreview_htm_56198c6dCRPic_htm_m723048f7Elect2015

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